HSRP Debug Commands

In this article we will discuss HSRP Debug Commands, will make brief discussion on HSRP Debug Commands, In last article we discuss about HSRP Failure.

The HSRP debug commands allow you to view the operation of HSRP while a router fails or is administratively shutdown. The available HSRP debug commands can be viewed by entering the debug standby ? command.

Use debug standby packets to view the receiving and sending of hello packets every 3 seconds. HSRP routers monitor these hello packets and will initiate a state change after 10 seconds if no hellos are heard from an HSRP neighbor.

HSRP behaves differently, depending on whether the active router fails or is manually shutdown by the administrator. Use debug standby terse, to view the HSRP events as R1 is powered down and R2 assumes the role of active HSRP router for the network.

Because R1 is configured with the standby 1 preempt command, it initiates a coup and assumes the role of active router, as highlighted below. The rest of the output shows that R2 actively listens to hello messages during the Speak state until it confirms that R1 is the new active router and R2 is the new standby router.

If the R1 G0/1 interface is administratively shutdown, then R1 will send an Init message indicating to all HSRP routers on the link that it is resigning the role of active router. 10 seconds later R2 assumes the role of active HSRP router.

Notice that R2 starts a passive holddown timer for R1. After 3 minutes, this passive holddown timer expires and R1 ( is destroyed, meaning it is removed from the HSRP database.

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