In-Band versus Out-of-Band Management

In this article we will discuss Managing IOS Files and Licensing, will make brief discussion on Managing IOS Files and Licensing, In last article we discuss about In-Band versus Out-of-Band Management.

Regardless of the Cisco IOS network device being implemented, there are two methods for connecting a PC to that network device for configuration and monitoring tasks. These methods include out-of-band and in-band management.

Out-of-band management is used for initial configuration or when a network connection is unavailable. Configuration using out-of-band management requires:

  • Direct connection to console or AUX port
  • Terminal emulation client

In-band management is used to monitor and make configuration changes to a network device over a network connection. Configuration using in-band management requires:

  • At least one network interface on the device to be connected and operational
  • Telnet, SSH, HTTP, or HTTPS to access a Cisco device

Note: Telnet and HTTP are less secure and are not recommended.

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