IP Addressing Issues with VLAN

In this article we will discuss IP Addressing Issues with VLAN, will make brief discussion on IP Addressing Issues with VLAN, In last article we discuss about Verifying Trunk Configuration.

Through L3 Switch can also do Routing operations ,IP Address assigned to VLANInterface is used for remote access only. Each VLAN must correspond to a unique IP subnet. If two devices in the same VLAN have different subnet addresses, they cannot communicate.

This is a common problem, and it is easy to solve by identifying the incorrect configuration and changing the subnet address to the correct one.

A check of the IPv4 configuration settings of PC1, reveals the most common error in configuring VLANs: an incorrectly configured IPv4 address. PC1 is configured with an IPv4 address of, but it should have been configured with

The PC1 Fast Ethernet configuration dialog box shows the updated IPv4 address of The output on the bottom reveals that PC1 has regained connectivity to the Web/TFTP server found at IPv4 address

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