Network Baseline

In this article we will discuss Network Baseline, will make brief discussion on Network Baseline, In last article we discuss about New CCNA 200-301.

One of the most effective tools for monitoring and troubleshooting network performance is to establish a network baseline. Creating an effective network performance baseline is accomplished over a period of time. Measuring performance at varying times and loads will assist in creating a better picture of overall network performance.

The output derived from network commands contributes data to the network baseline.

One method for starting a baseline is to copy and paste the results from an executed ping, trace, or other relevant commands into a text file. These text files can be time stamped with the date and saved into an archive for later retrieval and comparison. Among items to consider are error messages and the response times from host to host. If there is a considerable increase in response times, there may be a latency issue to address.

Corporate networks should have extensive baselines; more extensive than we can describe in this course. Professional-grade software tools are available for storing and maintaining baseline information. In this course, we cover a few basic techniques and discuss the purpose of baselines.

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