Peer-to-Peer Networks

In this article we will discuss Peer-to-Peer Networks, will make brief discussion on Peer-to-Peer Networks, In last article we discuss about Client-Server Model.

In the peer-to-peer (P2P) networking model, the data is accessed from a peer device without the use of a dedicated server.

The P2P network model involves two parts: P2P networks and P2P applications. Both parts have similar features, but in practice work quite differently.

In a P2P network, two or more computers are connected via a network and can share resources (such as printers and files) without having a dedicated server. Every connected end device (known as a peer) can function as both a server and a client. One computer might assume the role of server for one transaction while simultaneously serving as a client for another. The roles of client and server are set on a per request basis.

In addition to sharing files, a network such as this one would allow users to enable networked games, or share an Internet connection.

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