Plixer Scrutinizer

In this article we will discuss Plixer Scrutinizer, will make brief discussion on Plixer Scrutinizer, In last article we discuss about Punch Down Tool.

This full-featured traffic analysis tool provides you with the ability to comprehensively capture and analyze your network traffic and to find and stop errors quickly and efficiently.

Scrutinizer from Plixer is a dedicated solution for managing all types of Flow traffic from your network and turning them into detailed information on your network and also highlights security issues.

With Scrutinizer, you can filter and drill down in nearly any way you can imagine, including time frame, host, application, protocol, and much more. Typically people talk in terms of NetFlow (Cisco term), but there are many different types of flow outputs depending on your hardware. Plixer accepts traffic from NetFlow (all types), S Flow, J Flow, R Flow, C Flow, NetStream and the newest standard that’s trying to pull all these together, IPFIX.

The free version allows you to monitor an unlimited amount of interfaces and store up to 24 hours of data.

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