Protocol Data Units (PDUs)

In this article we will discuss Protocol Data Units (PDUs), will make brief discussion on Protocol Data Units (PDUs), In last article we discuss about The Benefits of Using a Layered Model.

As application data is passed down the protocol stack on its way to be transmitted across the network media, various protocol information is added at each level. This is known as the encapsulation process.

The form that a piece of data takes at any layer is called a protocol data unit (PDU). During encapsulation, each succeeding layer encapsulates the PDU that it receives from the layer above in accordance with the protocol being used.

At each stage of the process, a PDU has a different name to reflect its new functions. Although there is no universal naming convention for PDUs, in this course, the PDUs are named according to the protocols of the TCP/IP suite.

  • Data
  • Segment
  • Packet
  • Frame
  • Bits

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