The Internet – Explore the Network

In this article we will discuss The Internet – Explore the Network, will make brief discussion on The Internet – Explore the Network, In last article we discuss about Wide Area Networks (WAN).

The Internet is a worldwide collection of interconnected networks (internetworks or internet for short). The figure shows one way to view the Internet as a collection of interconnected LANs and WANs.

Some of the LAN examples are connected to each other through a WAN connection. WANs are then connected to each other. The red WAN connection lines represent all the varieties of ways we connect networks. WANs can connect through copper wires, fiber optic cables, and wireless transmissions.

The Internet is not owned by any individual or group. Ensuring effective communication across this diverse infrastructure requires the application of consistent and commonly recognized technologies and standards as well as the cooperation of many network administration agencies.

There are organizations that have been developed for the purpose of helping to maintain structure and standardization of Internet protocols and processes. These organizations include the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), and the Internet Architecture Board (IAB), plus many others.

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