What is new With Cisco Next Level Certifications?

Cisco has changed Cisco Certification Suite with a new focus on latest technologies as Cisco Next Level Certifications. There are new technologies that drives today’s technoology professional. With its new Certification Suite, with Cisco Next Level Certifications,Cisco will provide many opportunity to network experts on latest technologies.

Cisco has announced this major change in Network Certifications on 10 June 2019. And accourding to this change announcement, new Cisco Certifications and exams will be launched at 24 February 2020. This is a major change, because some of the Cisco Certifications loose their values and new ones has announced. For example, having a CCNP Certification becomes easy and new software certification paths for software developers has added named DevNet. And there is also an additional “Specialist” level has added to certification paths. Beside, we will focus of all these changed one by one.

By the way, do not worry about your current studies, until 24 February 2020, you can enter old certification exams and with this old exams, you can get the new certifications!

So, what is new about Cisco Certifications! Let’s go deeper and learn the details of this New Cisco Certification Suite.

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