In this article we will discuss AppleTalk, will make brief discussion on AppleTalk, In last article we discuss about IPX.

AppleTalk is a discontinued proprietary suite of networking protocols developed by Apple Inc. for their Macintosh computers. AppleTalk includes a number of features that allow local area networks to be connected with no prior setup or the need for a centralized router or server of any sort.

AppleTalk is a set of local area network communication protocols originally created for Apple computers. An AppleTalk network can support up to 32 devices and data can be exchanged at a speed of 230.4 kilobits per second (Kbps).

AppleTalk is a proprietary networking protocol used with Apple Macintosh computers and networking devices to communicate with each other that was first introduced in 1984. In 2009, with the release of macOS X v10.6, this networking protocol was replaced by TCP/IP.

AppleTalk is a multi-layered protocol providing internetwork routing, transaction and data stream service, naming service, and comprehensive file and print sharing. In addition, many third-party applications exist for the AppleTalk protocols.

To extend the addressing capability of AppleTalk networks and provide compliance with the IEEE 802 standard, Apple Computer introduced AppleTalk Phase 2 in 1989. AppleTalk Phase 2 differs primarily in the range of available network layer addresses and the use of the IEEE 802.2 Logical Link Control (LLC) protocol at the Data Link Layer.

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