Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting

In this article we will discuss Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting, will make brief discussion on Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting, In last article we discuss about Denial of Service Attacks.

AAA refers to Authentication, Authorization and Accounting. It is used to refer to a family of protocols that mediate network access. Two network protocols providing this functionality are particularly popular: the RADIUS protocol, and its newer Diameter counterpart. 

Authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA, or “triple A”) network security services provide the primary framework to set up access control on a network device. AAA is a way to control who is permitted to access a network (authenticate), what they can do while they are there (authorize), and what actions they perform while accessing the network (accounting).

The concept of AAA is similar to the use of a credit card. The credit card identifies who can use it, how much that user can spend, and keeps account of what items the user spent money on, as shown in the figure.

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