Changing VLAN Port Membership

In this article we will discuss Changing VLAN Port Membership, will make brief discussion on Changing VLAN Port Membership, In last article we discuss about Assigning Ports to VLANs.

There are a number of ways to change VLAN port membership. The syntax for changing a switch port to VLAN 1 membership with the no switchport access vlan interface configuration mode command.

Interface F0/18 was previously assigned to VLAN 20. The no switchport access vlan command is entered for interface F0/18. Examine the output in the show vlan brief command that immediately follows. The show vlan brief command displays the VLAN assignment and membership type for all switch ports.

The show vlan briefcommand displays one line for each VLAN. The output for each VLAN includes the VLAN name, status, and switch ports.

VLAN 20 is still active, even though no ports are assigned to it. The show interfaces f0/18 switchport output verifies that the access VLAN for interface F0/18 has been reset to VLAN 1.

A port can easily have its VLAN membership changed. It is not necessary to first remove a port from a VLAN to change its VLAN membership. When an access port has its VLAN membership reassigned to another existing VLAN, the new VLAN membership simply replaces the previous VLAN membership.

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