Cisco Borderless Networks

In this article we will discuss Cisco Borderless Networks, will make brief discussion on Cisco Borderless Networks, In last article we discuss about Elements of a Converged Network.

With the increasing demands of the converged network, the network must be developed with an architectural approach that embeds intelligence, simplifies operations, and is scalable to meet future demands. One of the more recent developments in network design is the Cisco Borderless Network.

The Cisco Borderless Network is a network architecture that combines innovation and design. It allows organizations to support a borderless network that can connect anyone, anywhere, anytime, on any device; securely, reliably, and seamlessly. This architecture is designed to address IT and business challenges, such as supporting the converged network and changing work patterns.

The Cisco Borderless Network provides the framework to unify wired and wireless access, including policy, access control, and performance management across many different device types. Using this architecture, the borderless network is built on a hierarchical infrastructure of hardware that is scalable and resilient, as shown in the figure. By combining this hardware infrastructure with policy-based software solutions, the Cisco Borderless Network provides two primary sets of services: network services, and user and endpoint services that are all managed by an integrated management solution. It enables different network elements to work together, and allows users to access resources from any place, at any time, while providing optimization, scalability, and security.

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