Clients and Servers Model

In this article we will discuss Clients and Servers Model, will make brief discussion on Clients and Servers Model, In last article we discuss about EIGRP Neighbor Adjacency.

All computers connected to a network that participate directly in network communication are classified as hosts. Hosts are also called end devices.

Servers are computers with software that enable them to provide information, like email or web pages, to other end devices on the network. Each service requires separate server software. For example, a server requires web server software in order to provide web services to the network.

A computer with server software can provide services simultaneously to one or many clients. Additionally, a single computer can run multiple types of server software. In a home or small business, it may be necessary for one computer to act as a file server, a web server, and an email server.

Clients are computers with software installed that enable them to request and display the information obtained from the server. An example of client software is a web browser, like Chrome or FireFox. A single computer can also run multiple types of client software. For example, a user can check email and view a web page while instant messaging and listening to Internet radio.

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