Command History Feature

In this article we will discuss Command History Feature, will make brief discussion on Command History Feature, In last article we discuss about Console Access – Router Configurations.

The command history feature is useful, because it temporarily stores the list of executed commands to be recalled.

To recall commands in the history buffer, pressCtrl+or the Up Arrow key. The command output begins with the most recent command. Repeat the key sequence to recall successively older commands. To return to more recent commands in the history buffer, press Ctrl+N or the Down Arrow key. Repeat the key sequence to recall successively more recent commands.

By default, command history is enabled and the system captures the last 10 command lines in its history buffer. Use the show history privileged EXEC command to display the contents of the buffer.

It is also practical to increase the number of command lines that the history buffer records during the current terminal session only. Use the terminal history size user EXEC command to increase or decrease the size of the buffer.

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