Configuration Command Modes

In this article we will discuss Configuration Command Modes, will make brief discussion on Configuration Command Modes, In last article we discuss about Primary Command Modes.

To configure the device, the user must enter Global Configuration Mode, which is commonly called global config mode.

From global config mode, CLI configuration changes are made that affect the operation of the device as a whole. Global configuration mode is identified by a prompt that ends with (config)# after the device name, such asĀ Switch(config)#.

Global configuration mode is accessed before other specific configuration modes. From global config mode, the user can enter different sub-configuration modes. Each of these modes allows the configuration of a particular part or function of the IOS device. Two common sub-configuration modes include:

  • Line Configuration Mode – Used to configure console, SSH, Telnet, or AUX access.
  • Interface Configuration Mode – Used to configure a switch port or router network interface.

When using the CLI, the mode is identified by the command-line prompt that is unique to that mode. By default, every prompt begins with the device name. Following the name, the remainder of the prompt indicates the mode. For example, the default prompt for line configuration mode is Switch(config-line)# and the default prompt for interface configuration mode is Switch(config-if)#.

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