Configuring Extended VLANs

In this article we will discuss Configuring Extended VLANs, will make brief discussion on Configuring Extended VLANs, In last article we discuss about Assigning Ports to VLANs.

Extended range VLANs are identified by a VLAN ID between 1006 and 4094. By default, a Catalyst 2960 Plus Switch does not support extended VLANs. In order to configure an extended VLAN on a 2960 switch it must be set to VTP transparent mode.

TheĀ show vlan brief command is used to verify that the VLAN was created. The output confirms that the extended VLAN 2000 has been configured and is active.

A Cisco Catalyst 2960 switch can support up to 255 normal range and extended range VLANs. However, the number of VLANs configured will affect the performance of the switch hardware.

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