Data Flow in networks

In this article we will discuss Data – Flow in networks, will make brief discussion on Data – Flow in networks, In last article we discuss about Communication Networks.

Data flow is the flow of data between two points. The direction of the data flow can be described as: Simplex: data flows in only one direction on the data communication line (medium). Examples are radio and television broadcasts. They go from the TV station to your home television.

TYPES OF DATA FLOW IN COMMUNICATION SYSTEM. Communication between two devices can be simplex, half-duplex, or full-duplex.

  • Simplex: Allows the sending of information in one direction only, which is similar to a one-way street. The information that is sent to the receiver can utilize transfers at maximum capacity since it only has one direction to go
  • Half-Duplex: Information can be sent in both directions, but it does not allow both directions to operate at the same time. In this way, half-duplex can have a higher performance output over the simplex channel since information can flow in both directions.
  • Full-Duplex: Similar to half-duplex, information can flow in both directions, but it also can operate in both directions at the same time.

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