Deleting VLANs

In this article we will discuss Deleting VLANs, will make brief discussion on Deleting VLANs, In last article we discuss about Negotiated Interface Modes.

On occasion, you have to remove a VLAN from the VLAN database. When deleting a VLAN from a switch that is in VTP server mode, the VLAN is removed from the VLAN database for all switches in the VTP domain.

When you delete a VLAN from a switch that is in VTP transparent mode, the VLAN is deleted only on that specific switch or switch stack. You cannot delete the default VLANs (i.e., VLAN 1, 1002 – 1005).

The following scenario illustrates how to delete a VLAN. Assume S1 has VLANs 10, 20, and 99 configured, as shown in Figure1. Notice that VLAN 99 is assigned to ports Fa0/18 through Fa0/24.

When you delete a VLAN, any ports assigned to that VLAN become inactive. They remain associated with the VLAN (and thus inactive) until you assign them to a new VLAN.

Interfaces Fa0/18 through 0/24 are no longer listed in the VLAN assignments. Any ports that are not moved to an active VLAN are unable to communicate with other stations after deleting the VLAN. Therefore, before deleting a VLAN, reassign all member ports to a different VLAN.

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