Device Names & Configure Hostnames

In this article we will discuss Device Names & Configure Hostnames, will make brief discussion on Device Names & Configure Hostnames, In last article we discuss about Hotkeys and Shortcuts.

When configuring a networking device, one of the first steps is configuring a unique device name or hostname. Hostnames that appear in CLI prompts can be used in various authentication processes between devices, and should be used on topology diagrams.

If the device name is not explicitly configured, a factory assigned default name is used by the Cisco IOS. The default name for a Cisco IOS switch is “Switch.” If all network devices were left with their default names, it would be difficult to identify a specific device. For instance, when accessing a remote device using SSH, it is important to have confirmation that you are connected to the proper device.

By choosing names wisely, it is easier to remember, document, and identify network devices.

The hostnames used in the device IOS preserve capitalization and lowercase characters. Therefore, it allows you to capitalize a name as you ordinarily would. This contrasts with most Internet naming schemes, where uppercase and lowercase characters are treated identically.

Configure Hostnames

Once the naming convention has been identified, the next step is to apply the names to the devices using the CLI.

from the privileged EXEC mode, access the global configuration mode by entering the configure terminal command. Notice the change in the command prompt.

From global configuration mode, enter the command hostname followed by the name of the switch and press Enter. Notice the change in the command prompt name.

Note: To remove the configured hostname and return the switch to the default prompt, use the no hostname global config command.

Always make sure the documentation is updated each time a device is added or modified. Identify devices in the documentation by their location, purpose, and address.

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