Directly Connected Interfaces

In this article we will discuss Directly Connected Interfaces, will make brief discussion on Directly Connected Interfaces, In last article we discuss about Remote Network Routing Entries.

A newly deployed router, without any configured interfaces, has an empty routing table. A standard physical interface failure suppresses a second physical interface failure if the two interfaces are directly connected.

directly connected network is a network that is directly attached to one of the router interfaces. When a router interface is configured with an IP address and subnet mask, the interface becomes a host on that attached network.

Before the interface state is considered up/up and added to the IPv4 routing table, the interface must:

  • Be assigned a valid IPv4 or IPv6 address
  • Be activated with the no shutdown command
  • Receive a carrier signal from another device (router, switch, host, etc.)

When the interface is up, the network of that interface is added to the routing table as a directly connected network.

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