Discover Devices Using LLDP

In this article we will discuss Discover Devices Using LLDP, will make brief discussion on Discover Devices Using LLDP, In last article we discuss about Configure and Verify CDP.

Cisco devices also support Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP), which is a vendor-neutral neighbor discovery protocol similar to CDP. LLDP works with network devices, such as routers, switches, and wireless LAN access points.

This protocol advertises its identity and capabilities to other devices and receives the information from a physically connected Layer 2 device.

With LLDP enabled, device neighbors can be discovered using the show lldp neighborscommand. The network administrator only knows that S1 is connected to two devices. Using the show lldp neighbors command, the network administrator discovers that S1 has a router and a switch as a neighbors.

When more details about the neighbors are needed, the show lldp neighbors detail command can provide information, such as the neighbors’ IOS version, IP address, and device capability.

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