Editing Standard Named ACLs

In this article we will discuss Editing Standard Named ACLs, will make brief discussion on Editing Standard Named ACLs, In last article we discuss about Creating ACL – Use Sequence Numbers.

This method can also be used to edit standard named ACLs.

The figure shows an example of inserting a line to a named ACL.

  • In the first show command output, you can see that the ACL named NO_ACCESS has two numbered lines indicating access rules for a workstation with the IPv4 address
  • From named access list configuration mode, statements can be inserted or removed.
  • To add a statement to deny another workstation requires inserting a numbered line. In the example, the workstation with the IPv4 address is being added using a new sequence number of 15.
  • The final show command output verifies that the new workstation is now denied access.

Note: In named access list configuration mode, use the no sequence-number command to quickly delete individual statements.

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