Intermediary Network Devices

In this article we will discuss Intermediary Network Devices, will make brief discussion on Intermediary Network Devices, In last article we discuss about Local Area Networks (LAN).

Intermediary devices connect the individual end devices to the network and can connect multiple individual networks to form an internetwork.

These intermediary devices provide connectivity and ensure that data flows across the network.

Intermediary devices interconnect end devices. These devices provide connectivity and work behind the scenes to ensure that data flows across the networkIntermediary devices connect the individual hosts to the network and can connect multiple individual networks to form an internetwork.

Examples of intermediary network devices are:

  • switches and wireless access points (network access)
  • routers (internetworking)
  • firewalls (security).

Intermediary devices use the destination end device address, in conjunction with information about the network interconnections, to determine the path that messages should take through the network. Examples of the more common intermediary devices and a list of functions are shown in the figure.

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