IPv6 Routing Protocols

In this article we will discuss IPv6 Routing Protocols, will make brief discussion on IPv6 Routing Protocols, In last article we discuss about Dynamic Routing.

ISR devices support dynamic IPv6 routing protocols including:

  • RIPng (RIP next generation), RIP (Routing Information Protocol) is the first routing protocol for IP. Because of the technical problems, new RIP, known as RIPv2 was developed. RIP for IPv6 (RIPng) is described in RFC 2080
  • OSPFv3 is the Open Shortest Path First routing protocol for IPv6. It is similar to OSPFv2 in its concept of a link state database, intra- and inter-area, and AS external routes and virtual links.
  • BGPv4 BGP stands for Border Gateway Protocol. It is the only open standard Exterior Gateway Protocol available.

Support for dynamic IPv6 routing protocols is dependent on hardware and IOS version. Most of the modifications in the routing protocols are to support the longer IPv6 addresses and different header structures.

To enable IPv6 routers to forward traffic, you must configure the ipv6 unicast-routing global configuration command.

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