In this article we will discuss MILNET, will make brief discussion on MILNET In last article we discuss about Data Center Networking.

MILNET was the name given to a network that split off from ARPANET in 1983 to create an internetwork designated for use by the U.S. Department of Defense. MILNET later became part of the DoD Defense Network (DDN).

In computer networking, MILNET (Military Network) was the name given to the part of the ARPANET internetwork designated for unclassified United States Department of Defense traffic.

BBN Technologies built and maintained MILNET and ARPANET. In the 1980s, MILNET was expanded and became the Defense Data Network. This large network was a compilation of multiple smaller military networks, each one running at a different security level. In the 1990s, MILNET gave birth to NIPRNet, which was used to transmit sensitive, but unclassified data between internal users and also provide those users with Internet access.

Today, the top level domain (TLD) name of .mil is reserved for use only by U.S. military agencies. MILNET is the name of an independent Web site that describes itself as an “open source military information database.”


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