In this article we will discuss NetBIOS, will make brief discussion on NetBIOS, last article we discuss about SAP.

NetBIOS is an acronym for Network Basic Input/Output System. It provides services related to the session layer of the OSI model allowing applications on separate computers to communicate over a local area network. As strictly an API, NetBIOS is not a networking protocol.

It uses a software protocol called NetBIOS Frames (NBF) that allows applications and computers on a local area network (LAN) to communicate with network hardware and to transmit data across the network. NetBIOS, an abbreviation for Network Basic Input/Output System, is a networking industry standard.

NetBIOS over TCP/IP (NBT, or sometimes NetBT) is a networking protocol that allows legacy computer applications relying on the NetBIOS API to be used on modern TCP/IP networks. To help secure, you can greatly reduce its attack surface if you disable server message block (SMB) and NetBIOS over TCP/IP

Netbios isn’t a protocol, but an api for naming service, and only really used for SMB service enhancements anymore. While there’s Netbios for TCP, you can actually have it work without an IP address at all. If you’re machine has an IP and DNS, you can join it to the domain using the full domain suffix.


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