Networks Device Access Methods

In this article we will discuss Networks Device Access Methods , will make brief discussion on Networks Device Access Methods , In last article we discuss about Message Encoding.

A Cisco IOS switch can be implemented with no configuration and still switch data between connected devices. By connecting two PCs to a switch, those PCs will instantly have connectivity with one another.

Even though a Cisco switch will function immediately, configuring initial settings are a recommended best practice. There are several ways to access the CLI environment and configure the device. The most common methods are:

  • Console – This is a physical management port that provides out-of-band access to a Cisco device. Out-of-band access refers to access via a dedicated management channel that is used for device maintenance purposes only.
  • Secure Shell (SSH) – SSH is a method for remotely establishing a secure CLI connection through a virtual interface, over a network. Unlike a console connection, SSH connections require active networking services on the device including an active interface configured with an address.
  • Telnet – Telnet is an insecure method of remotely establishing a CLI session through a virtual interface, over a network. Unlike SSH, Telnet does not provide a securely encrypted connection. User authentication, passwords, and commands are sent over the network in plaintext.

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