Protocol Analysis

In this article we will discuss Protocol Analysis, will make brief discussion on Protocol Analysis, In last article we discuss about Small Network Growth.

When trying to determine how to manage network traffic, especially as the network grows, it is important to understand the type of traffic that is crossing the network as well as the current traffic flow. If the types of traffic are unknown, a protocol analyzer will help identify the traffic and its source.

Protocol Analysis

To determine traffic flow patterns, it is important to:

  • Capture traffic during peak utilization times to get a good representation of the different traffic types.
  • Perform the capture on different network segments; some traffic will be local to a particular segment.

Information gathered by the protocol analyzer is evaluated based on the source and destination of the traffic, as well as the type of traffic being sent. This analysis can be used to make decisions on how to manage the traffic more efficiently. This can be done by reducing unnecessary traffic flows or changing flow patterns altogether by moving a server, for example.

Sometimes, simply relocating a server or service to another network segment improves network performance and accommodates the growing traffic needs. At other times, optimizing the network performance requires major 

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