Routers Are Computers

In this article we will discuss Routers Are Computers, will make brief discussion on Routers Are Computers, In last article we discuss about Why Routing?

Most network capable devices (e.g.., computers, tablets, and smartphones) require the following components to operate:

  • Central processing unit (CPU)
  • Operating system (OS)
  • Memory and storage (RAM, ROM, NVRAM, Flash, hard drive)

A router is essentially a specialized computer. It requires a CPU and memory to temporarily and permanently store data to execute operating system instructions, such as system initialization, routing functions, and switching functions.

Router memory is classified as volatile or non-volatile. Volatile memory loses its content when the power is turned off, while non-volatile memory does not lose its content when the power is turned off.

Unlike a computer, a router does not have video adapters or sound card adapters. Instead, routers have specialized ports and network interface cards to interconnect devices to other networks.

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