Show ip interface brief Command

In this article we will discuss ARP Command, will make brief discussion on ARP Command, In last article we discuss about The ipconfig Command.

In the same way that commands and utilities are used to verify a host configuration, commands can be used to verify the interfaces of intermediate devices. The Cisco IOS provides commands to verify the operation of router and switch interfaces.

Verifying Router Interfaces

One of the most frequently used commands is the show ip interface brief command. This command provides a more abbreviated output than the show ip interface command. It provides a summary of the key information for all the network interfaces on a router.

The show ip interface brief output displays all interfaces on the router, the IP address assigned to each interface, if any, and the operational status of the interface.

Verifying the Switch Interfaces

On Figure 2, click the S1 button. The show ip interface brief command can also be used to verify the status of the switch interfaces. The VLAN1 interface is assigned an IPv4 address of and has been enabled, and is operational.

The output also shows that the FastEthernet0/1 interface is down. This indicates that either no device is connected to the interface or the device that is connected has a network interface that is not operational.

In contrast, the output shows that the FastEthernet0/2 and FastEthernet0/3 interfaces are operational. This is indicated by both the Status and Protocol being shown as up.

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