In this article we will discuss SONET, will make brief discussion on SONET, In last article we discuss about X.25.

Synchronous optical networking (SONET) is a standardized digital communication protocol that is used to transmit a large volume of data over relatively long distances using a fiber optic medium. With SONET, multiple digital data streams are transferred at the same time over optical fiber using LEDs and laser beams.

SONET Layers: SONET defines 4 layers, namely photonic layer, Section layer, Line layer and Path layer. The photonic layer is the lowest and performs the physical layer activities while all other 3 layers correspond to Data link layer of OSI model.

The basic SONET frame comprises of a block of 810 bytes. The frames are transmitted at the rate of 8000 frames/bytes, which is the sampling rate of the telephone networks.

SONET stands for Synchronous Optical Network. SONET is a communication protocol, developed by Bellcore – that is used to transmit a lage amount of data over relatively large distances using optical fibre. With SONET, multiple digital data streams are transfered at the same time over the optical fibre.


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