Storage-Area Network (SAN)

In this article we will discuss Storage-Area Network (SAN), will make brief discussion on Storage-Area Network (SAN), In last article we discuss about Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN).

A storage area network or storage network is a Computer network which provides access to consolidated, block-level data storage.

Storage Area Network (SAN) is a specialized, high-speed network that provides block-level network access to storage. SANs are typically composed of hosts, switches, storage elements, and storage devices that are interconnected using a variety of technologies, topologies, and protocols. The most common SAN protocols are: Fibre Channel Protocol (FCP). The most widely used SAN or block protocol, deployed in 70% to 80% of the total SAN market. FCP uses Fibre Channel transport protocols with embedded SCSI commands. Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI).

storage area network (SAN) is a dedicated high-speed network or subnetwork that interconnects and presents shared pools of storage devices to multiple servers. … This enables each server to access shared storage as if it were a drive directly attached to the server.

Storage Area Network is a high-speed sub network of shared storage devices. ASAN’s architecture works in a way that makes all storage devices available to all servers on a LAN or WAN. As more storage devices are added to a SAN, they too will be accessible from any server in the larger network.

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