Switch Fundamentals

In this article we will discuss Switch Fundamentals, will make brief discussion on Switch Fundamentals, In last article we discuss about MAC Sublayer.

A Layer 2 Ethernet switch uses MAC addresses to make forwarding decisions. It is completely unaware of the protocol being carried in the data portion of the frame, such as an IPv4 packet. The switch makes its forwarding decisions based only on the Layer 2 Ethernet MAC addresses.

Unlike legacy Ethernet hubs that repeat bits out all ports except the incoming port, an Ethernet switch consults a MAC address table to make a forwarding decision for each frame. The four-port switch was just powered on. It has not yet learned the MAC addresses for the four attached PCs.

The MAC address table is sometimes referred to as a content addressable memory (CAM) table. While the term CAM table is fairly common, for the purposes of this course, we will refer to it as a MAC address table.

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