The Need to Scale the Network

In this article we will discuss The Need to Scale the Network, will make brief discussion on The Need to Scale the Network, In last article we discuss about Licensing Process.

Businesses increasingly rely on their network infrastructure to provide mission-critical services. As businesses grow and evolve, they hire more employees, open branch offices, and expand into global markets. These changes directly affect the requirements of a network.

A network must support the exchange of various types of network traffic, including data files, email, IP telephony, and video applications for multiple business units. All enterprise networks must:

  • Support critical applications
  • Support converged network traffic
  • Support diverse business needs
  • Provide centralized administrative control

The LAN is the networking infrastructure that provides access to network communication services and resources for end users and devices spread over a single floor or building. You create a campus network by interconnecting a group of LANs that are spread over a small geographic area. Campus network designs include small networks that use a single LAN switch, up to very large networks with thousands of connections.

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