Traceroute NG

In this article we will discuss Traceroute NG, will make brief discussion on Traceroute NG, In last article we discuss about Zabbix.

Ping is great. Traceroute is better. But both fall short in modern networks (and especially with internet-based targets because the internet is intrinsically multi-path).

Traceroute NG yields data via CLI single path analysis including; the number of hops from endpoint to endpoint, each device IP address, the fully qualified domain name or FQDN, packet loss as a percentage, current and average latency, probe run-time, probe type used, and any issues such as path change or inability to reach the destination.It provides deeper insights from your source connection to an external destination site or service and helps you obtain endpoint to endpoint pathway analysis, fast.

Traceroute NG is a super fast way to get accurate performance results for a network path in a text format that’s easy to share.

A packet has multiple ways to get to a target at any moment. You don’t need to know how a SINGLE packet got to the destination; you need to know how ALL the packets are moving through the network across time. Traceroute NG does that and avoids the single biggest roadblock to ping and traceroute accuracy—ICMP suppression—at the same time.

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