Verifying Trunk Configuration

In this article we will discuss Verifying Trunk Configuration, will make brief discussion on Verifying Trunk Configuration, In last article we discuss about Configuring IEEE 802.1Q Trunk Links.

The configuration of switch port F0/1 on switch S1. The configuration is verified with the show interfaces interface-ID switchportcommand.

The top highlighted area shows that port F0/1 has its administrative mode set to trunk. The port is in trunking mode. The next highlighted area verifies that the native VLAN is VLAN 99. Further down in the output, the bottom highlighted area shows that all VLANs are enabled on the trunk.

Use the Syntax Checker to configure a trunk supporting all VLANs on interface F0/1, with native VLAN 99. Verify the trunk configuration with the show interfaces f0/1 switchport command.

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