Wide Area Network (WAN)

In this article we will discuss Wide Area Network (WAN), will make brief discussion on Wide Area Network (WAN), In last article we discuss about Local Area Network.

A wide area network (WAN) is a telecommunications network, usually used for connecting computers, which spans a wide geographical area, such as between different cities, states, or even countries. Wide area network is a telecommunications network that extends over a large geographical area for the primary purpose of computer networking. Wide area networks are often established with leased telecommunication circuits.

Computer network that spans a relatively large geographical area. Typically, aWAN consists of two or more localarea networks (LANs). Computers connected to a widearea network are often connected through public networks, such as the telephone system. They can also be connected through leased lines or satellites.

A network of bank cash dispensers is a WAN. LANs are often connected to WANs, for example a school network could be connected to the internet. WANs can be connected together using the internet, leased lines or satellite links.

The further the distance, the slower the network. One of the big disadvantages to having a WAN is the cost it can incur. Having a private WAN can be expensive. WAN connection is generally harder to set up, and there are many creative ways to do so.

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